Over time, things lose value for us. They evolve into something new, and sometimes even become the past, being left out of civilization, to be remembered only in a history textbook or put as an exhibit in a museum.

Just such a museum can be found on the Internet at http://savethesounds.info Only it keeps not the things themselves, but their sounds. Allowing you to nostalgia for bygone eras, closing your eyes in comfortable headphones.

The interesting service Radiooooooo lets you go back in time to the music of different countries. Choose a year and country and listen to beautiful tunes popular from 1900 to the present day. You can take an evening excursion into music history on the first day of spring with a hot cup of coffee.

You can try it at https://radiooooo.com

A revolutionary invention of ophthalmologists can cure damaged cornea and improve vision. So far, however, tests have only been conducted in pigs, but the results are positive. It is expected that in the outgoing 2020, the new drug will be tested on humans. The scientists assure that in case of positive results in humans in the future we will be able to refuse wearing contact lenses and glasses for vision correction.


At one time I was writing down thoughts and observations, running a kind of closed blog. Back then, the new iPad allowed me to do it almost anywhere, and the idea of regular notes once a day was born. Some of them spoke more about the mood than the environment…

Sergey Ulyashenkov

Technology evangelist, marketing and communications expert — en.artofdigital.ru

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