It’s amazing how many myths the concept of “digital transformation” has gathered around it. The most common (and this is often how they try to sell a digital product to the client), is this: digital business is cheaper and more efficient in terms of savings. You automate everything there, make…

A few years ago the idea came to my mind — “it would be great to be able to make puzzles on the computer from any picture!” No, not just those puzzles that are in the catalog of the game (there are a lot of such games), but to take…

Over time, things lose value for us. They evolve into something new, and sometimes even become the past, being left out of civilization, to be remembered only in a history textbook or put as an exhibit in a museum.

Just such a museum can be found on the Internet at Only it keeps not the things themselves, but their sounds. Allowing you to nostalgia for bygone eras, closing your eyes in comfortable headphones.

Social media is an amazing thing. If you look at them carefully, wading through the maze of marketing and endless personal brands, you begin to see a reflection of the problems in society. And in every person. …

The interesting service Radiooooooo lets you go back in time to the music of different countries. Choose a year and country and listen to beautiful tunes popular from 1900 to the present day. You can take an evening excursion into music history on the first day of spring with a hot cup of coffee.

You can try it at

The new year is coming. And of course, I want to wish everyone that it will bring us all more bright moments, happiness and of course good luck! 🎄

A revolutionary invention of ophthalmologists can cure damaged cornea and improve vision. So far, however, tests have only been conducted in pigs, but the results are positive. It is expected that in the outgoing 2020, the new drug will be tested on humans. The scientists assure that in case of positive results in humans in the future we will be able to refuse wearing contact lenses and glasses for vision correction.


At one time I was writing down thoughts and observations, running a kind of closed blog. Back then, the new iPad allowed me to do it almost anywhere, and the idea of regular notes once a day was born. Some of them spoke more about the mood than the environment…

And this was how the IT department looked in Soviet times. In the photo, my Father (third from left) is engaged in “digital transformation” in the far 70s.

One day I was asked:

Is it possible to remove information from the Internet so that it does not remain on any server anywhere? And how does the removal of information from the Internet happen in general?

I will answer, as it is sometimes written in tests: “More likely no…

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